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Commercial Construction Loans – A loan of one to two years used to build a commercial property. The loan proceeds are controlled by the lender in order to make.

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A nonperforming loan (NPL. payments. A loan in which the maturity date of principal repayment has occurred, but some fraction of the loan remains outstanding. For example, The European Central Bank.

commercial bank: Privately owned financial institution which (1) accepts demand and time deposits, (2) makes loans to individuals and organizations, and (3) provides services such as documentary collections, international banking, trade financing. Since a large proportion of a commercial bank’s deposits is payable on demand, it prefers to make.

Commercial bank definition, a bank specializing in checking accounts and short-term loans. See more.

Commercial bank definition is – a bank organized chiefly to handle the everyday financial transactions of businesses (as through demand deposit accounts and short-term commercial loans).

which limits such lending to 10 percent of the bank’s loan portfolio, the study said. The study also criticized the board’s decision to broaden the traditional definition of "cooperative" and finance.

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Commercial Bank Definition: Commercial Bank can be described as a financial institution, that offers basic investment products like a savings account, current account, etc to the individuals and corporates. Along with that, it provides a range of financial services to the general public such as accepting deposits, granting loans and advances to the customers.

It is the country’s biggest bank in terms of assets – Bt3.1 trillion ($95 billion) in total, putting it just ahead of its nearest rival, Siam Commercial Bank (SCB. many bankers doubted if personal.

Meaning of Commercial Banks: A commercial bank is a financial institution which performs the functions of accepting deposits from the general public and giving loans for investment with the aim of earning profit.