Credit score ranges: excellent, good, fair, poor

If you’ve ever had a credit card, taken out a loan, or even rented an apartment, you have a credit score. Your score is a number, usually between 300 and 850, indicating the likelihood you’ll pay for a service or return borrowed money. Your credit score is a snapshot in time, calculated by what is (or isn’t).

 · If you are even a few points below what they want, you won’t be able to register. What’s interesting is that these minimum values vary within the range of what is considered to be fair credit score. They are typically between 570 and 640. So, with a bad credit score, you won’t be able to register with most of these top companies.

Excellent Good Average Fair Poor It really is also a great approach to Excellent Good Average Fair Poorlearn if you will find any Excellent Good Average Fair Poorerrors in yourExcellent Good Average Fair Poor credit score that could possibly be Excellent Good Average Fair Poorcreating you toExcellent Good Average Fair Poor have a lowExcellent.

Excellent good fair poor compare the best credit score offers with a free trial and check your credit scores online today In the United States, a credit score is a number based on a statistical analysis of a person’s credit files, that in theory represents the creditworthiness of that person, which is the likelihood that people will pay their bills.

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Good and Bad Credit Scores | What is a good credit score? Fico For me, I’m somewhere in the "Fair" range of scoring, and I know it does me no good at all to apply for a card that would recommend "Good" and certainly not "Excellent", as it would only result in a hard inq + a drop in scores. The moral of the story is: do not apply for cards that are beyond your reach.

For example, some financial institutions consider any credit score above 720 to be excellent, while others view a credit score of 600 or below to be bad. Even though creditors impose their own interpretation on your credit score, the range above should provide a good guide. The Formula for Excellent Credit

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Most credit scores operate within the range of 300 to 850; with 750 and above being excellent, 700-749 being good, 650-699 being fair, 600-649 being poor and below 600 being bad. If you’ve got room to.

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